One tree can start a forest,
One smile can start friendship,
One touch can show love and care,
One friend like you can make life
You are my best friend ! ?

If flowers were dreams,
That would last forever,
I would pick the most beautiful ones to send you ?

I love all the stars shining in the sky,
But they are nothing
Campared to the ones in your eyes

I do not think much,
I do not think very often,
But when i think,
I think of you

If you are not Happy being SINGLE,
You will never be Happy in a Relationship
Get your own Life First,
Then try to Share it with Someone.. !!

When the night comes,
Look at the sky,
If you see a falling star,
Dont wonder why,
Just make a wish.
Trust me it will come true.
Because i did the same and found you ?

Does your feet never hurt ??
You are always wondering around my thoughts all day long ?
I want to share every thing with you,
Your sadness,
Your happy moments,
Every single second of the Day

Definition of TIME…!
Slow…when u wait
Fast…when u’r Afraid
Long…when u’r Sad
Short…when u’r happy
Endless..when u’r at Pain
Never feel it…when u’r Content
Deadly…when u’r bored